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Tribute is due to the silent editor of The Belize Ag Report, John C. Roberson, Sr. who passed away on February 7, 2011 at the age of 82 years. Although John did not initially support the establishment of the BAR because of the cost, after his long-time friend, John Carr, enthusiastically came on board as assistant editor, he began to re-evaluate. Seeing his friend’s steady support and sensing the positive feedback and encouragement from readers, my John changed his mind and contributed significantly to the growth of the BAR, just as he had contributed for over 50 years to the growth of the agriculture sector in Belize. He drove me around, kept my vehicle running, accompanied me on field trips, filtered /reviewed articles pertaining to his areas of expertise: horses, cattle and ranching and provided the advice and support needed to improve the BAR.

Aside from BAR contributions, John is remembered by the older generation as manager of Bull Run Overseas Ltd, which operated a sawmill and open range cattle operation in Cayo’s Pine Ridge. He imported many fine American Quarter horses and Brahman cattle, which went on to improve local herds. A founding member of BLPA, he provided the lumber for the existing show barns at today’s NATS (which now need replacement), and he loaned BLPA the funds needed to secure the land where the BLPA headquarters sits today. Later in life, while still managing partner of Maya Ranch Ltd. He imported a seed herd of Nelore cattle from the renowned Rancho El Retiro, of Tizimin, Yucatán, México and went into the purebred business. He always looked forward to the improvements he would see in the next generation of his stock. We will miss him.

Beth came to Belize from Massachusetts in 1973 as a Peace Corps volunteer, serving with the vet department at Central Farm. She and her late husband John raised commercial beef cattle, purebred Nelore cattle, quarter horses and their children on ranches in Cayo. Beth appreciates the opportunities to meet folks involved in agriculture presented by the Belize Ag Report.

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