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The GMO debate in recent weeks in Belize has shaken up the agriculture community to some extent. Stress can have some benefit in that it challenges all of us to listen, examine and re- evaluate. Whether it strengthens a position already held or alters thought, educating ourselves is a good thing. It is said that if the lychee tree does not receive a periodic ‘hammering to the trunk’, it will not bear fruit. We are getting our hammering, and hopefully, ‘we will bear fruit’.

The Belize Ag Report writers have diverse opinions. Our publication itself is inert and opinion-less, operating as a framework within which ‘to disperse information useful to the producers large and small’ (Mission Statement p. 6). The Belize Ag Report remains an inclusive umbrella group for Belizean agriculture. Diverse opinions are welcomed and appreciated.

At a recent CSME (Caribbean Single Market Economy ) meeting* held at Central Farm, the question was raised as to labeling of imported food products which are not in English or Spanish.

Increasingly many items on local shelves have labels which are in Arabic and/or Mandarin only. Current rules stipulate that an English translation of labels must accompany the customs application; the items themselves do not require English labels. Is this satisfactory?

As the year ends and the holiday season approaches, we express our appreciation to our readers, our writers, and our advertisers. The participation of each of you is critical to our continuation.

Thank you! We like to hear from you; tell us what you like and what you would like improved. Our purpose is to be useful and serve our Belizean agricultural community. Warm holiday wishes to you all.

*see page 28 for details on the CSME meetings by district.

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