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Dear Rubber Boots,

Can you recommend a good tropical gardening reference book? Thanks.


Tropical Newcomer

Bze Ag Report 26_Page_16_Image_0004Dear Tropical Newcomer,

The absolute best reference on tropical fruits is Julia F. Morton’s encyclopedic 1987 gem, Fruits of Warm Climates, ISBN: 0-9610184-1-0. She was a world renowned Research Professor at the University of Miami and served on numerous horticultural boards in the USA and internationally. Her maxim was: “I don’t want to suppose. I want to know ” The printed version is distributed by Creative Resource Systems, Inc.Box 890, Winterville, N.C. 28590, or find new and used copies on Amazon. Luckily, it is also online at Purdue University’s site: The Bibliography in the back of this very reader-friendly classic 500+ page tome is 37 pages; this is THE source book for tropical fruits.

Bze Ag Report 26_Page_16_Image_0005Another recommendation, shared with us by Ag Report writer Mary Loan, is Florida’s Best Fruiting Plants, by Charles R.Boning, ISBN-13:978-1-56164-372-1. Not quite as encompassing as the Morton and with its focus on Florida, it is chockblock full of useful information, has lots of great color photos and is less costly than the Morton. Readers, please tell us your favorite references, which we will share in this column.

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