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Belize Ag Report Thankfully Enters 7th Year of Publishing…

It doesn’t feel as though 6 yrs have elapsed since our first fledgling edition, but it has. From a vague concept of providing information useful to producers, and thanks to the confidence of our advertisers and the growing cadre of passionate contributors, we have grown not only in size (24 pgs of issue #1, to 44 pgs of issue #28), but in focus and in geographical coverage. In this issue you will find 2014 crop data from Blue Creek (Mennonite) community (pg 36), as well as prices now delineated by location in Belize for several commodities.
Thank you to all our writers, an expanding group of diverse talents, some one time writers, some regulars; we appreciate you all. You expose the variety of Belizean agriculture that is its signature. More binds us than divides us. Regarding the current rice importation/marketing debate unfolding, we should keep our eyes on food security via local production (pg 36). Together, the ag community has a tremendous lobbying power to help mold Belize’s future. Opinions are always valued, welcomed and usually printed in our Letters to the Editor section. Discussion by sharing information is our goal.
What can readers expect from us in the near future? Writer Harold Vernon has reminded us to have more on ideas and processes for value-added products. Website improvement plans include quick links to all the Ag Prices at a Glance (farmer prices) pages, to all MNRA’s BAPIS (retail ag prices) pages, and a long-desired capacity to search for articles by topic or writer.
If you are reading this, you are a part of the Belize Ag Report (BAR) family. We are all the Ag Report – editors, writers, advertisers, readers – all have their valued places. Emails with articles, letters to the editor, ideas for articles, what you like or don’t like about the BAR are welcome; please tell us what you would like to see. We listen. Together we are the Belize Ag Report.
What encourages our diligence are comments that the report is useful and especially the comment, “I learned something.” We are continually learning new things from many of you, and we thank you for the benefit of your cooperation. We hope to continue serving the Belizean agricultural producer, per our mission statement below.



Mission Statement:

The Belize Ag Report is an independent quarterly agriculture newsletter. Our purpose is to collect, edit and disseminate information useful to the Belizean producer, large or small. We invite opinions on issues, which are not necessarily our own. Belize Ag neither solicits nor accepts political ads.


NOTICE: Please feel free to share The Belize Ag Report by publishing the link to our website or sharing it with others. The Belize Ag Report welcomes petitions to reprint articles. However, please note that the PDF download and individual articles are copyright protected and permission MUST be granted by the Editor prior to reproduction. We also require that reprints indicate The Belize Ag Report as the source and that our website be referenced.

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