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Saving Heritage Seeds in Belize – David Johansen’s Seed Garden and Vault

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DavidJohansen3Since age twelve David Johansen has had an avid interest in seeds and farming; he has lived and farmed in Colorado, Utah, Missouri, and California. Having traveled widely in Belize and Central America to procure hardy, tolerant seeds adapted to the challenging growing conditions in Belize, David developed his 35 acre farm and seed bank over the past eight years in the Spanish Lookout area with great success. He has many crops growing abundantly to full maturity in order for him to harvest seeds to sell locally and fulfill orders for Belizean grown seeds from US seed companies. babyeggplants

In order to preserve the seeds in cool temperature, low humidity conditions, David designed and constructed a climate-controlled underground depository cement vault which can store hundreds of jars of seeds. His seeds have been meticulously catalogued. Keeping seeds beneath the earth helps to keep the seeds viable for sprouting. David is working on a dehumidification system to ensure the proper dryness. treenursery

David is proud of the long Chinese red beans which grow to be one to two feet long and are a beautiful scarlet color; they are delicious raw or cooked. Seeds like these of the Chinese red beans face the risk of extinction unless they are preserved for future generations. Other seeds include: plump white beans, many varieties of squash, kale, melons, eggplant, okra, and basil.seed2

All the seeds David saves grow well in Belize; he is selective about the purity of the seeds which he has honed to be the strongest and healthiest to survive and thrive in every region in Belize’s climate and diverse growing conditions. His seed company “Our Heritage Seeds” can be followed on Facebook. or 669-6756

David Johansen will be the speaker at the Pro-Organic Belize March meeting, to be held at Maya Mountain Lodge, Cristo Rey Rd, Santa Elena, Cayo District on Tuesday, March 1st, 2016 at 12 noon. Lunch is available off the menu while you listen. A question and answer session during which all attendees are welcome to participate, will follow the presentation. David addressed to Pro-Organic Belize at a 2014 meeting and has been invited back by public demand.


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