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Spanish Lookout Commercial and Industrial Expo 2016

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The Commercial and Industrial Expo held at Countryside Park in Spanish Lookout every other year continues to draw large crowds. The fourth annual expo, held on February 26 and 27, had 15, 500 attendees, 1,000 more than Expo 2014, who came from every district in Belize. For the 1,000 students who came by the busload on Friday and the crowd on Saturday it was a fun time of horseback riding, ATVs, boating, buggy and “train” rides, jumping on the trampoline, and enjoying a great variety of delicious food.expo pic 32IMG_7867expo pic 32IMG_7623

The number of booths also increased from 130 to 140 with 15 new exhibitors. Although there was an increase in livestock showing, probably the largest category of exhibitors was car dealerships with their latest and greatest. Improved parking and livestock infrastructure added to the show’s features. Improvements planned for Expo 2018 include another building so that all exhibitors can be indoors and better organization of exhibitor parking.expo pic 32IMG_7604expo pic 32MG_8090

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