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Optimizing Corn Yield With Nitro Xtend+S

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By Edwin Gomez, Axel Hidalgo, Wilbert Ramclam, Eddie Friessen and Albert Reimer

The increase in productivity corresponds to the increase of total dry matter as a result of nutrients absorption (Karlen et al, 1987). Furthermore, the adoption of best management practices for the use of fertilizers is necessary to increase and stabilize yields and promote agricultural sustainability (Ciampitti et al, 2007). With these important factors in mind we conducted trials to evaluate the effect of a new product called NITRO XTEND that inhibits the enzyme urease which is responsible for breaking down nitrogen into ammonium. A crop of corn yielding 10,688 pound per acre would need to absorb approximately 219, 42, and 42 pounds per acre of nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and sulphur (S) respectively. Application of urea nitrogen sources to the soil are susceptible to volatilization in gaseous form (ammonia) and in the majority of cases, levels of nitrogen into the plant are not achieved. Our results show that the combination of NITRO XTEND with sulphur can significantly increase corn yield if applied in the appropriate phenological stage required by the crop.

Our agronomic objectives were:

  • Increase corn yield in the region matching nitrogen levels applied with the NITRO XTEND 46%

  • Prepare a cost benefit analysis to compare production versus cost of NITRO XTEND + S.

The evaluation was done in Barton Rammy Spanish Lookout, Cayo District. Trials started on the 19th June, 2015 and ended September 16th, 2015. Hybrid corn seed used was Pioneer P4226. Fertilizer blend used at planting was 16-27-9 at 198 pounds per acres; that is N-30, P205 – 51 and K20 – 17 pounds per acre.


As shown in the chart below, NITRO XTEND+S (T-4) applied at 400 pounds per acre yielded better than T-1, T2 and T-3; that is, 4,865 pounds per acre. NITRO XTEND applied at 200 pounds per acre yielded more than regular 46-0-0 applied at the same dosages and same phenological plant development; that is, 4,663.33 versus 4,588.33 pound per acre.

The cost of fertilizer per treatment is shown below:

As shown in the chart below, Nitro Xtend clearly has a significant impact on increasing yields. This trial shows that increased nitrogen impacts yield at a threshold of economic gain as indicated in the T2 treatment line of the chart. The increase use of nitrogen to increase corn productivity can be managed with the use of Nitro Xtend to minimize impact on the environment.


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