42nd Annual ACRES USA Conference & Trade Show

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The 42nd Annual ACRES USA Conference & Trade Show

December 5-8, in Columbus, Ohio

This year’s theme will be: From the Soil Up, Exploring strategies for modern Eco-Agriculture.

Topics include soil fertility management, crop nutrition, the human health connection, holistic grazing, tillage/no-till strategies, on-farm water management, pastured poultry production, marketing and business, organic certification and inspection and more.

The annual Acres U.S.A. conference sets the standards for agricultural innovation and learning.  It is where farmers and consultants from every side of eco-farming come together to share their experience and expertise.  Attend the non-stop event, learn the latest in cutting-edge technology and methods, and return home ready to make your farming operation the best it can be.

Keynote speakers are: Dr. Christine Jones, Courtney White and Dr. Vandana Shiva.  Additional speakers include: Dr. Arden Anderson, Dr. Don Huber, John Kempf, Neal Kinsey*, Michael Phillips, Mark Shephard, Gary Zimmer, and many more.

Eco-Ag University Advanced Learning Seminars will be held on Dec 5th and 6th, with many of the above speakers and more. Prior registration is advised, as participant size is limited.

For registration either go to: https://www.acresusa.com/events, or phone 001-970-392-4464.

*Note: Neal Kinsey of Kinsey Ag is a regular contributor of articles to The Belize Ag Report, and has come to to UB at Central Farm’s College of Agriculture, to deliver his 3 day course on soil fertility 3 times and will return in 2018. This course is open to the public as well as students and teachers. For more information or registration for the UB CF course, contact David Thiessen at Agro-Base, Spanish Lookout, phone 670-4817 or thiessenliquid@gmail.com