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BAHA Shares Cattle News: National Herd Increases 25%

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BAHA’s Dr. Miguel Depaz shared the following report:
“The Cattle Industry is seeing its better days as exports for this year have already reached 4,872 heads and cattle farmers are now getting more that the accustomed .95 cents per pound live weight. Prices reached as high as 3.50 per pound live weight for export and have stabilized at approximately 2.50 per pound live weight. Despite the consistent rate of export the national herd has seen a growth of more than 25%. The national cattle census today is at 126,129 heads. Through the hard work of the Government of Belize, Belize Agricultural Health Authority (BAHA) and the private sector, they have scientifically demonstrated that the national cattle herd is free of diseases such as tuberculosis and brucellosis. Also, an animal traceability system has been implemented. These achievements have permitted cattle farmers to access markets in neighboring countries and beyond, having fulfilled importation requirements. This again is expected to contribute to the economy of Belize.”

BAHA Rabies Update: Species affected and confirmed positive are bovine, equine and ovine, as well as wildlife – a bat. For 2016 there were a total of 195 deaths of animals, with the peak from July to December. In 2017 to date there have been a total of 89 deaths of animals reported to BAHA [to date of report], with the peak in January and February. The confirmed cases by district for 2016: Cayo – 17; Orange Walk – 1; Corozal – 2 and Toledo-6. Confirmed cases for 2017 [to date of report] are Cayo – 22; Orange Walk – 15; Corozal – 2 and Toledo – 2. Note, there are no confirmed cases in Belize or Stann Creek Districts. BAHA recommends vaccinating animals at 3 months of age, repeated at 6 months and again thereafter at yearly intervals. BLPA and Reimers’ Feed Mill have been supplying the rabies vaccine at a lower and affordable price to farmers, at dose cost less than $2. Note that BAHA and the Ministry of Health work together for post-exposure vaccination of persons who have come into contact with positively confirmed animals.
[end BAHA report]

BLPA alerts its 254 members that the tentative date for the Annual General Meeting (AGM) is February 24th 2018. Please check with their offices (as per advertisement on following page) for confirmation of date.

What is ‘Fake Meat’? Looking at the international beef news, many foresee that future ranches will be located mainly in climate regions such as ours, where year-round pasture conditions are possible. Others, such as investors Bill Gates, Richard Branson and Cargill envision a much different future for beef and its production: a clean-meat movement, in which meat is grown in stainless steel tanks. No live animals, no slaughter and an agriculture “kinder and less demanding to the environment” is the vision of Memphis Meats, who raise or shall we say, create, “ cultured” beef, chicken and duck meat without any livestock.

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