Mission Statement

The Belize Ag Report is an independent quarterly agriculture newsletter. Our purpose is to collect, edit and disseminate information useful to the Belizean producer, large or small. We invite opinions on issues, which are not necessarily our own. Belize Ag neither solicits nor accepts political ads.


About Us

In early 2009 I expressed the frustration, “How can there be almost no local agriculture news, when it is about 50% of the Belizean economy?” (Many consider it over 50%, when home gardening and the non-cash economy especially of Belize’s deep South are considered.) My friend unhesitatingly replied, “Yes, and you can do something about that.” So began an investigation of several months, commencing with the concept of an ag section in Belize’s existing weekly papers. After inputs from many, in May of 2009, the humble issue #1 of The Belize Ag Report (BAR), exclusively focusing on Belizean agriculture, surfaced as an independent bi-monthly publication.

The Belize Ag Report survives solely on advertisement revenue and wishes to continue in this manner which fosters our independence. Articles are contributed by experts and dedicated ag researchers who are passionate about existing and potential agriculture in Belize. Due to Belize’s demographics, 8,867 sq miles, population density of 37 per sq mi, and overall population less than 350,000, and simply the way things work here, our belief is that more unites the agriculture sector than divides us. Our mission is to share information useful to the producer, and to provide a venue for dialogue among various farming philosophies. We must keep talking to each other, as we share one country, one government (with the reality of taxes and policies), and our natural resources.

We constantly search for information useful to our readers within the realm of agriculture. Please join in and share articles or your ideas for articles, and send us Letters to the Editor. Tell us what you like, what you don’t like and how we can improve. Our current print schedule is quarterly, with February, May, August and November issues.

Thank you.

Beth Roberson, Editor and Publisher


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