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Breadfruit Basics

in Issue 32 by

Beautiful tropical breadfruit trees are very well-adapted to Belize’s growing conditions including the rainy season; however, they can get water-stressed, resulting in partial defoliation in the dry season months but the tree continues to grow and bear fruit. The breadfruit tree has an exotic, lush tropical appearance due to its very large, lovely, lobed leaves. Breadfruit, (Artocarpusaltilis) is in the plant family Moraceae. There are both seeded and seedless breadfruit varieties. Other cultivated Artocarpus species include Artocarpuscamansi, known as breadnut; A. heterophyllus, jackfruit, and A.integer, champedak. Another relative of the breadfruit called dugdug is A. mariannensis, and the popular marang is A. odoratissimus. The seeds in all Artocarpus species may be boiled or roasted; they are both starchy and delicious.…

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Growing Jackfruit in Belize

in Issue 29 by

Considering that the giant ripe fruits of the jackfruit tree range in size from 10 pounds to more than 70 pounds, this is one of the largest tree fruits on the planet. A large family or a small village may feast on a fruit of this enormous size! Jackfruit trees are reasonably well adapted to Belize growing conditions. They thrive in Belize’s rainy wet season, but they are stressed and may defoliate in the dry season months. Over the years, we have introduced many seedling varieties of jackfruit, scientific name Artocarpus heterophyllus,family Moraceae, to our farm on Spanish Creek in the Belize District. This tree is closely related to the tropical breadfruit, Artocarpus altilis. Jackfruit is native to India and…

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Tropical Agro-Forestry – A Belize Bamboo Project

in Issue 28 by

Bamboos are very well adapted to Belize growing conditions. These elegant plants thrive in many soils and bring a tropical look to any landscape. Over the years, we have introduced many varieties of useful and beautiful tropical clumping bamboos to our farm on tranquil Spanish Creek in the Belize District. This article is a summary of our progress to date. Our bamboo agro-forestry project began in January, 2005 when we purchased a second growth forested property of 1978 acres. Tropical Agro-Forestry, Ltd. was formed and we began to study our site. At the recommendation of the Belize Forestry Department, we started to work with the Belize Agricultural Health Authority (BAHA). BAHA officials began a pest risk analysis (PRA) to verify…

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