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Issue 01

Alternative Electrical Power Sources – “Leytronics”

This is just an introduction to the various Sources of Electrical Power, their advantages and disadvantages. It gives some background information for Choice Considerations which are normally very site specific. There can be no clear Choice of best Power Sources, it depends on many local conditions, power requirements, environmental considerations and so on. As a very general guide, Power requirements from a few Watts up to 200 – 400 Watts, Solar Panels are worth serious consideration. For Power of say 300 Watts up to about 3000 Watts, or even more, Wind Turbines are worth considering. For Power way up in the 10kW to 100kW then Diesel Generation is probably the best choice. Diesel Generators are expensive to buy and install,… Keep Reading

Issue 01

Nelore Cattle

So, you assume that all the white bos indicus (humped) cattle that you see scattered around Belize are Brahman, right? Well, not quite, as there are several pure-bred Nelore herds in country, as well as many Nelore bulls servicing commercial herds too. The Nelore breed originated in a region in India of the same name. The breed it is most closely related to is the Ongole of India. Brazil has become the world leader in this breed. The first Ongole arrived in 1868. The Nelore Herd Book was established in Uberaba, Brazil in 1938. Brazil unquestionably dominates worldwide. In April of every year, the cattle show in Uberaba draws cattle aficionados from all over the planet. So what characteristics distinguish… Keep Reading

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