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Bamboos for Belize by Marquita Stanko and Taylor Walker

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Bamboos are some of the most useful plant species on earth. There are over 1000 species of bamboo distributed throughout the world that have been used for many practical purposes throughout history such as building shelter, making everyday tools and utensils and even as a food product. Bamboos originate from tropical, subtropical and temperate climates and grow on a wide range of soils. Many of the finest native and non-native bamboo species thrive right here in Belize. Our bamboo project began in 2005 in Rancho Dolores, Belize District with the formation of Tropical Agro-Forestry, Ltd. Our desire was to introduce new varieties in Belize that exhibit exceptional characteristics for use in furniture making, landscaping and interior construction. We began working…

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Tropical Agro-Forestry – A Belize Bamboo Project

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Bamboos are very well adapted to Belize growing conditions. These elegant plants thrive in many soils and bring a tropical look to any landscape. Over the years, we have introduced many varieties of useful and beautiful tropical clumping bamboos to our farm on tranquil Spanish Creek in the Belize District. This article is a summary of our progress to date. Our bamboo agro-forestry project began in January, 2005 when we purchased a second growth forested property of 1978 acres. Tropical Agro-Forestry, Ltd. was formed and we began to study our site. At the recommendation of the Belize Forestry Department, we started to work with the Belize Agricultural Health Authority (BAHA). BAHA officials began a pest risk analysis (PRA) to verify…

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