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“FOLKS THIS AIN’T NORMAL” by Joel Salatin Book review by Chris Harris

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If you ride around on a huge combine harvester, keep thousands of chickens in a mass feeding coop or spray chemicals all over big fields, this book shows alternative methods of farming for you. After all it is written by a man who describes himself as a Christian libertarian environmentalist capitalist lunatic. Joel Salatin is one of the foremost advocates of ethical and responsible farming. He has traveled widely around the world, lecturing at universities and talking to farming groups. The book uses the American mass farming model to show the failings of corporate farming and food production. Salatin uses a lifetime of experience on his own farm in the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia USA to point out and explain…

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Ask Rubber Boots

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Dear Rubber Boots, Can you recommend a good tropical gardening reference book? Thanks. Sincerely, Tropical Newcomer Dear Tropical Newcomer, The absolute best reference on tropical fruits is Julia F. Morton’s encyclopedic 1987 gem, Fruits of Warm Climates, ISBN: 0-9610184-1-0. She was a world renowned Research Professor at the University of Miami and served on numerous horticultural boards in the USA and internationally. Her maxim was: “I don’t want to suppose. I want to know ” The printed version is distributed by Creative Resource Systems, Inc.Box 890, Winterville, N.C. 28590, or find new and used copies on Amazon. Luckily, it is also online at Purdue University’s site: The Bibliography in the back of this very reader-friendly classic 500+ page tome…

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New Book Describes Mennonites in Belize

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One of the ironies of life is that people who want to live quiet lives, separated from much of what goes on in the world, would attract so much attention. In the USA, the state of Pennsylvania built a freeway addition for easier access by tourists to the Amish in Lancaster county – a county which a decade ago would have been ranked tenth among the nations of the world in agricultural output had it been categorized as such. And now, the Mennonites of Belize are of interest to Dutch sociologists who have spent time in Blue Creek, Spanish Lookout, and other colonies, to observe and analyze their ways. These are academic researchers whose new book, Between Horse & Buggy…

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Book Review – Guide To The Orchids Of Belize

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Guide To The Orchids Of Belize is the new book produced in 2009 by Belize Botanic Gardens (BBG) in conjunction with the National Botanic Gardens of Ireland. The authors, Brendan Sayers and Brett Adams, have spent many years in the field collecting, and countless hours studying specimens. The convenient size of the book, specific data, and up-to-date information will quickly make it a must for the field and office. The book is dedicated toKen duPlooy, founder of BBG, whose passion for orchids laid the groundwork for the conservation of Belizean flora in contemporary times. To date, the BBG stands as a foremost source of botanical information and conservation education. A brief history of orchid collecting by both Gardens lets us…

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Review – Grow Native Belize

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Today’s gardener has a continually growing selection of ornamental plants available them in Belize. When choosing plants, we are drawn to them for their beauty – bright flowers, showy leaves, unusual characteristics. This guide prompts the gardener to look beyond the skin deep beauty of our landscape plants, and to reflect on other aspects and impacts of plant selections. The emphasis of this booklet is that native plants should be considered as a primary choice in gardens for a variety of reasons. The guide discusses the benefits of native plants, such as being well adapted to the growing conditions here in Belize. The local plants have evolved over thousands of years to be survivors in this specific climate meaning they…

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