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Dairy Products At Home – Hard Cheeses

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In the final installment of our dairy workshop, we look at hard cheese, which is made using rennet as a coagulant. The title of this article is “Hard Cheeses” because all the hard cheeses in your urban deli are made in basically the same way, with only slight variations of temperature, time lapses, or aging times. Unique varieties have developed in various parts of the world due to the unique bacteria and climatic conditions in each place. You can try to reproduce cheese by ordering freeze dried bacteria from a catalog, or you can develop your own cheese unique to your locale – or rather cheeses, for each one will have its own unique “personality”. The first rule of cheese…

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Making Artisan Cheese At Cavesbranch

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When Ian Anderson purchased sheep for a petting zoo at his Caves Branch Resort, cheese making was not on his mind. The petting zoo blossomed to showcase sheep, goats and chickens in an environment where children from across the country could touch and hold small animals. After collecting the eggs, egg sandwiches were served to the children and they were given glasses of sheep or goat milk to enjoy. Given Ian’s natural exploring instincts, it wasn’t long before he yearned to produce something with his milk. Internet searches yielded many recipes for cheese which he tried. Ian’s wife, Ella, and son Gabe, who was the chief taster, were supportive of the culinary venture, but encouraged him to find proper cheesemaking…

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